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Prevention’s Un-Diet Metabolism Breakthrough

Food Is Not Your Enemy

(But Counting Calories Could Be Weighing You Down)

Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD

Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD, is a doctor of public health and nutrition, registered dietitian, and American College of Sports Medicine–certified exercise physiologist. Dr. Wendy and the editors of Prevention show you how to boost your metabolism and stay slim for good!

Weight loss experts agree: Your metabolism holds the key to lasting weight loss.

The slower your metabolism, the harder it is to lose weight.

Think of your metabolism as the engine that runs your entire body. It helps provide the energy for all of the processes that go on in your body: pumping your heart, moving your muscles, digesting your food, and so much more.

When you cut calories drastically — as you do on most diet plans — your metabolism senses a fuel shortage and stops using energy for processes that aren’t absolutely necessary while also making you less energetic. So, sure, you’re eating fewer calories, but you’re also burning fewer calories — all day long.

Even worse, the more you cut calories, the hungrier you become, setting yourself up to lose the battle against overeating.

Boost Your Fat-Burning Hormones Naturally!

At last, science has discovered the secret that allows all of your metabolic systems — including your fat-burning hormones — to operate at maximum capacity: delicious, clean foods such as all-natural vegetables, fruits, poultry, beef, fish, nuts, and beans.

Clean foods also include meals, snacks, and packaged foods with ingredients found in nature and free from artificial sweeteners, unhealthy additives and pesticides, and lab-made flavor enhancers.

By eating foods and products that are the closest to what you’d find in nature, you can activate the ultimate fix for your metabolism and your weight. With clean eating, rather than battling your biology, you’ll actually put your biology to work for you.

Clean foods are free of the chemicals that amp up cravings. Instead, clean eating gives your body the nutrients it truly needs, so it runs at peak efficiency. The result: You burn more calories all day long, and you feel less hungry. That’s the perfect formula for losing weight easily.

Plus, shedding processed foods and eating clean can also help you prevent or control some of the most disabling and deadly health problems confronting America in the 21st century, not to mention help you sleep better, feel more energetic, and boost your mood!

PB and J Stuffed French Toast: With breakfast like this, you'll never feel deprived! Baked Ziti with Turkey keeps your blood sugar steady for hours. Scalloped Red Potatoes—a health food disguised as a comfort-food favorite. Chocolate Cream Pie—a mouthwatering treat that slims you!

Fuel Your Metabolism for
Maximum Fat Burning

I’m not experiencing the highs and lows of hunger while eating clean. I have constant energy and I’m feeling stronger.” —Donna H.

If you’ve tried everything to shed stubborn pounds, yet can’t seem to keep the weight off, it’s time to stop counting calories, slaving away on the treadmill, and looking for the next miracle diet. There’s a better, easier, natural way to get the results you want.

With Your Metabolism Makeover from Prevention and Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, it’s a snap to identify which foods are clean and which aren’t. You’ll see how to quickly transform these nutrient-rich foods into mouthwatering meals that fuel your body fully and put an end to insatiable cravings and a continual desire to overindulge.

Creamy Tuna Tetrazzini … gooey Mac and Cheese … Stuffed French Toast … rich Chocolate Torte … The fresh, vibrant, clean foods in Your Metabolism Makeover naturally pack more flavor than their bland, processed counterparts. They fill you up, boost your metabolism, and burn more calories as you eat. What could be easier?

Your Metabolism Makeover will show you how to easily put together decadent clean-food meals like these and use simple clean-food swaps — changes you won’t even notice — to make a big difference in your results. Plus, you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid nutrition pitfalls that damage your metabolism and add weight
  • The delicious “clean snacks” that can boost your metabolism
  • The sneaky places that chemical additives and artificial sweeteners hide
  • Easy ways to choose the best foods for yourself and your family

Every day, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down to eat fresh, delicious food. The recipes are easy to follow, and I love all of the new whole grains I’ve been introduced to.” —Almarie K.

PB and J Stuffed French Toast: With breakfast like this, you'll never feel deprived! Baked Ziti with Turkey keeps your blood sugar steady for hours. Scalloped Red Potatoes—a health food disguised as a comfort-food favorite. Chocolate Cream Pie—a mouthwatering treat that slims you!
PB and J Stuffed French Toast: With breakfast like this, you'll never feel deprived! Baked Ziti with Turkey keeps your blood sugar steady for hours.
Start burning more calories — all day, every day!
Vidi after 28 lbs Gone!

Conquer Your Cravings!

  • Eat 320 fewer calories a day — without trying! In a study, volunteers boosted fat burn by 20% without trying to eat less. The secret is a slowly digested starch that prompts the release of fullness-signaling hormones. See page 26 in your free-preview copy of Your Metabolism Makeover!
  • Grab the pita chips! But pair them with the popular bar food on page 343. The healthy protein, fat, and fiber in this food help minimize cravings. It’s the anytime snack that feels indulgent but keeps you eating clean — and looking great!
  • You won’t believe the secret ingredient in our Guilt-Free Brownies! They’re perfectly fudgy with far fewer calories, lots of protein, and craving-busting fiber.
  • What’s your food trigger? Discover the tool that helps you pinpoint the emotions that trigger you to eat and the specific foods you like to reach for. Page 69
  • Curb your appetite with a candle! The sweet smell will distract you from junky foods. It’s great for your home or office — or anyplace that triggers you to eat mindlessly. We’ll reveal the only kind that counts on page 73.

Ditch the Diet & Dig Into Clean Foods That
Burn Fat Around the Clock!

If you’re ready to reset your metabolism with delicious clean eating and start losing weight naturally — without hunger, cravings, or deprivationYour Metabolism Makeover can show you the easiest, fastest way! It’s backed by decades of research and hundreds of test subjects.

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